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Mar 012010

Welcome to Jonathan Biggins’ website.

I am a freelance compositor available for work in Bristol, London and the rest of the world.

I have over 6 years professional experience of working on everything from Hollywood feature films to TV broadcast, commercials and web animation.

I’m proficient in most major compositing software, including Nuke, Fusion and After Effects. I’m also skilled in Photoshop, Cinema 4D, PFTrack and Boujou.

An update on work in progress… Total VFX production on the short film 'We May Be Shadows'. Including VFX supervision of the Greenscreen shoot, 3D Camera Tracking of 60+ steadycam shots; modeling, texturing and lighting of CGI Backgrounds; Keying; Compositing; and visual treatment of the shadow characters. Continue reading »

Part of a team of Compositors working on over 500 shots for Aardman on the Tate Movie Project film 'The Itch of the Golden Nit. Read all about it here

2D and 3D After Effects compositing of CelAction animation with illustrated backgrounds. Continue reading »

Greening the Blue

Compositor on a mini web series entitled Greening the Blue, produced for the UN to encourage staff to be more energy efficient.

2D and 3D After Effects compositing of flash animation with illustrated backgrounds. Title Design. Continue reading »

Newsround - Caught in the Web

Senior compositor for the Newsround special ‘Caught in the Web’. Creation of the intro sequence and over 100 visual effects shots involving screen replacements, animated 3D text, tracking, effects and transitions.

Continue reading »

Mother of Many

Winner of the Best Short Animation BAFTA 2010 – Well done Emma!

Compositing on the short film Mother of Many. Combining Flash animation with printed and filmed textures.

Continue reading »

Irn Bru - Sir Swigs a Lot

Compositing and effects for the Irn Bru commercial ‘Sir Swigs a Lot’. I had to make it look like an animated character was drinking from a real glass of Irn Bru, apply turning pages to an already rendered CGI book and create a few effects. Continue reading »

Stay and Stare - Music Promo

Animation and compositing of a music promo for the band Red Velvet. Created by mimicking the effect of a real zoetrope within 3D after effects.

Continue reading »

The End of the Line

Creation of the title sequence and graphical inserts for the recent feature documentary The End of the Line. Continue reading »

Little Face

Compositing of over 100 shots combining CGI and live action, for the short film Little Face

Nathan’s job has nothing to do with dinosaurs. This makes Little Face sad. Continue reading »

Fire Kills Public Service Announcement

Compositing and transitions for a Fire Kills public service announcement. Continue reading »

The Surprise Demise of Francis Cooper's Mother

Compositing on the short film The Surprise Demise of Francis Cooper’s Mother by Felix Massie.

The story of Francis Cooper and his mother; Emily Maddison and that man’s face; and Craig MacKay and his cat. Continue reading »

Hustle Title Sequence

3D After Effects animation and compositing, integrated with Cinema 4D and live action greenscreen elements.

New title sequence for series 5, 6 and 7 of BBC One’s Hustle series. Continue reading »

Marie Claire - Winter Wonders

3D After Effects animation, compositing and effects.

Directed by Sarah Cox  this 10 second Christmas spot uses photograms of frozen ferns and leaves to create a soft wintery scene. Continue reading »

2D & 3D After Effects compositing and effects.

A series of 12 animated episodes featuring a farting chipmunk and a slow witted but loyal hedgehog. Continue reading »

Property Ladder

3D After effects compositing for a illustrative 50’s style animated trailer – for Property Ladder. Continue reading »

A Time and a Time

3D and 2D compositing of archive stills and film footage, including stabilising, keying and rotoscoping.

A short film produced and directed by Sarah Cox created entirely from found archive footage of Bristol. Funded by South West Screen RIFE Lottery Digital Archive Media fund Continue reading »

Hector Tarantular

Hector and the hairy scary tarantula's tentacle

Senior compositor for the Hector road safety series campaign.

3D After Effects set construction, lighting, effects and compositing of flash animation for 5x 3 minute animations. Continue reading »

Chupa Chups - Cotton Buds

Chuppa Chups 3-in-1 Advert

Three international TV Adverts for Chupa Chups new 3 in 1 lolly. Only one stick gets to be the lolly… Continue reading »

Don't Let it All Unravel

Don't Let it All Unravel - Short Film for Live Earth

Greenscreen keying, rig removal and compositing for the short film Don’t Let it All Unravel. Continue reading »

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