An update on work in progress… Total VFX production on the short film 'We May Be Shadows'. Including VFX supervision of the Greenscreen shoot, 3D Camera Tracking of 60+ steadycam shots; modeling, texturing and lighting of CGI Backgrounds; Keying; Compositing; and visual treatment of the shadow characters. Continue reading »

Irn Bru - Sir Swigs a Lot

Compositing and effects for the Irn Bru commercial ‘Sir Swigs a Lot’. I had to make it look like an animated character was drinking from a real glass of Irn Bru, apply turning pages to an already rendered CGI book and create a few effects. Continue reading »

Hustle Title Sequence

3D After Effects animation and compositing, integrated with Cinema 4D and live action greenscreen elements.

New title sequence for series 5, 6 and 7 of BBC One’s Hustle series. Continue reading »

Chupa Chups - Cotton Buds

Chuppa Chups 3-in-1 Advert

Three international TV Adverts for Chupa Chups new 3 in 1 lolly. Only one stick gets to be the lolly… Continue reading »

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