An update on work in progress… Total VFX production on the short film 'We May Be Shadows'. Including VFX supervision of the Greenscreen shoot, 3D Camera Tracking of 60+ steadycam shots; modeling, texturing and lighting of CGI Backgrounds; Keying; Compositing; and visual treatment of the shadow characters. Continue reading »

Mother of Many

Winner of the Best Short Animation BAFTA 2010 – Well done Emma!

Compositing on the short film Mother of Many. Combining Flash animation with printed and filmed textures.

Continue reading »

Little Face

Compositing of over 100 shots combining CGI and live action, for the short film Little Face

Nathan’s job has nothing to do with dinosaurs. This makes Little Face sad. Continue reading »

The Surprise Demise of Francis Cooper's Mother

Compositing on the short film The Surprise Demise of Francis Cooper’s Mother by Felix Massie.

The story of Francis Cooper and his mother; Emily Maddison and that man’s face; and Craig MacKay and his cat. Continue reading »

A Time and a Time

3D and 2D compositing of archive stills and film footage, including stabilising, keying and rotoscoping.

A short film produced and directed by Sarah Cox created entirely from found archive footage of Bristol. Funded by South West Screen RIFE Lottery Digital Archive Media fund Continue reading »

Don't Let it All Unravel

Don't Let it All Unravel - Short Film for Live Earth

Greenscreen keying, rig removal and compositing for the short film Don’t Let it All Unravel. Continue reading »

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